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Gaff has been around the adhesive industry since 1995. We offer a variety of gaffers tape at a wholesale discounted price.

Our gaffers tape is widely used in the entertainment industry on production sets for securing equipment, wiring, and other devices. Our GT-24 model is the highest in quality for mid grade ratings and compares to any professional production quality tape. Gaff tape is normally sold in high volumes to production sets, arenas, and convention centers that host multiple events annually. Our tape sells by the case and we offer free shipping on all our gaffers tape. Typically, gaffer's tape used by audio and visual professionals working in film, lighting, or audio. Tape is used for live sporting events, convention centers exhibitions, on freelance video/photography sets, and at large concert or events.

Gaffer's tape is a very important must have for any true grip or photography professional and very essential to any professional production set. Our tape is easy to tear and the cleanup is zero. There seems to be a lot of controversy between duct tape versus gaffer tape. Our GT-24 model does not leave behind any sort of residue as opposed to duct tape. Duct tape, when worn, can leave white adhesive particles from the color being worn (turning white in many cases) which can be seen by cameras and picked up by lighting. Film expendables are hard to find and is only offered online unless you live in a city that has some sort of a theatrical supply or props store.

In the entertainment industry, gaffers tape size is normally used by lighting technicians or key grips and they prefer 2" x 60 yard rolls. One of the biggest positives about gaff tape; if you're working on a big set, the amount of ripping that is involved is minimal on your wrist. Although this may not seem like a big deal, imagine ripping tape over 100 times when setting up.

Pricing can depend on the quality of the gaffer's tape. Whether you're looking for a vinyl gaffing tape, matte finish, or a black 12 mil grade high adhesive gaffing tape, we stock a wide variety of hundreds of types of tapes. Contact one of our sales reps today to obtain a free quote on any of our tape products. Other names associated with our tape could be: gaffer tape, gaffing tape, gaffa tape, gaff tape, stage or cloth tape. Our tape is primarily made of cloth which is embedded into the adhesive layer of the tape and protected by a small coat of polyethylene (PE) on top to ensure durability. 


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