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Green & Blue Screen Tape Our Green and Blue screen tape is made by Pro Chroma and works perfectly to repair screens or can also be used to secure screens used during shoots. Our high quality screen tape will be sure to have you prepared for any green or blue screen issues on set. Our tape provides a secure hold and will easily peel off any screen. Ensuring you have the true green and blue screen color is crucial for the tape to blend in and not cause any problems in digital production. Available in single rolls, or you can save up to 50% when buying by the case. Tape comes in 2" x 10 yard rolls. Green and Blue screen tapes always come with the fast and free shipping you have come to expect from Gaff Tapes.

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Green Screen Tape Cases

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Our PRO green screen tape is used for sets that require repairing of screens or securing screens. The tape comes in a 10 yd roll and is of a professional grade. Full Case of 2" x 10 yds. Perfect for Chroma green screen repair or to hold a screen in place.  

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