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Gaffers Tape Gaffers tape is a crucial tool for photographers, film production crews in television and film, concerts, and other live shows. Whatever size or color you need, we have you covered. Our gaffers tape is made of a natural rubber adhesive, will hold firmly in place, and will not leave any residue behind when removed. Available in full or half cases, Gaff Tapes is sure to save you money on expendables. We have gaffers Tape in a wide variety of colors and has a heavy tensile strength of 42 pounds per square inch and an industrial grade 12.0 76 mesh. Available sizes range from 3/4" to 4" and comes in 60 yard rolls. Check out our reviews for each different color of tape and see our satisfied customers. Always low wholesale pricing, fast shipping, and a quality adhesive gaffers tape you can trust!

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Black Gaffers Tape by the Case

$257.50 Price

Gaff Tapes wholesale black gaffers tape comes in 4 different sizes with a tensile strength of 42 pounds per inch. This tape is manufactured using an industrial grade of 12 mil with a low black gloss finish. The black gaffers tape is made using a natural rubber adhesive that does not leave any residue when removed.


Half Case of Silver Gaffers Tape

$150.00 Price

Half case of silver gaffers tape: Each roll is 60 yds. Gaff Tapes half cases of silver gaffers tape comes in 4 different sizes with an amazing tensile strength of 42lbs per inch. The silver gaffers tape is made using a natural environmentally friendly rubber adhesive that won't leave any sort of residue behind. The tape tears easy and is widely used by Gaffer Professionals around the world.  

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