Filament Tape

Bi Directional Filament Tape Bi directional Filament Tape is also known as fiberglass or strapping tape. Our Filament tape is of the highest quality and at best wholesale prices found anywhere on the web. This tape is widely used strapping or securing large items on pallets. Bi Directional filament tape is also used to secure tent poles for large tents at concerts, weddings, or events. Great for Hexayurt makers as well. Available in 2", 3", 4", and 6" sizes and 60 yard rolls. This tape has a tensile strength of 155 lbs for both sides and is made of a clear synthetic rubber adhesive with fiberglass reinforced polypropylene. As with all Gaff Tapes products our Filament tape cases come with free shipping.

Filament tapes are products that are known for their versatility, as well as high tensile strength, ease of use and being perfect to use for applications like bundling, carton closing and securing products during shipment, among other things.

Filament tapes are also referred to as strapping tapes in many instances because, you guessed it, they're extremely useful when strapping and securing valuable items.

Filament tape has been around since 1946, when these products were developed and manufactured by Johnson & Johnson soon after the conclusion of hostilities in World War II.

It's known to be one of the most versatile tape products available in the market today, with uses that prove valuable in several industries and across many different types of businesses.

What makes filament stand out in the industry is that it's actually made with thin strands of fiberglass, which gives it a tensile strength that's really about the best you'll find in similar types of tape products.

Because of the strength of filament strapping tape, it can't really be torn by hand. It can, however, be split lengthways if the products are not applied properly and the packages you've applied it to undergo excessive pressure.

Strapping tapes are used extensively in the packaging and shipping industries and are often used in place of binders when preparing corrugated boxes for shipment. It also has a very good adhesive system, which means it almost always remains in place while on the move.

What is strapping tape?

We've given you the basics above, but now for a more formal definition of strapping tape (filament tape) as defined by the tape industry.

Filament tape is pressure sensitive and is used for functions such as closing corrugated boxes, reinforcing packages, bundling items and much more.

It consists of a pressure sensitive adhesive system coated onto a backing material and fiberglass filaments to add high tensile strength.

Filament tape usually has a tape width about a half-inch to one inch, but can also be found in 4.3 mil and other sizes.

What are some other applications for filament tape?

Due to the heavy-duty nature and high tensile strength of filament tape, it's a great item to keep on hand in your office, as well as in your home.

Filament tape has a number of popular applications, but there are other uses that aren't as common but are still great ways to use this heavy-duty tape product.

So keep some strapping tapes around for applications like:

  • Bundling Electrical Wires or Conduits. Since filament strapping tape doesn't conduct electricity, it's a great option when you need to bundle cables and other electronic items. And who wants a big, unmanaged bundle of wires in the living room when kids are running around?

  • Storing Common Household or Office Items. Strapping tape is very useful when securing items for storage or for later use. This goes for the office, as well as the home. So if you want to store a few things away, say winter clothes during the summer, and you want them to stay in one place, the heavy-duty nature of filament tape is a great option.

  • Makes Painting Projects More Manageable. Strapping tape is known for leaving behind very little residue on the surface once it's removed. This makes it great for projects like painting, so you can remove it once the paint dries and leave behind the smooth finish you were hoping for.


What is two-way filament tape?

As the name suggests, this type of filament tape has been reinforced by fiberglass in both directions. This means it can't be split lengthways, which is one of the only potential drawbacks of regular filament tape.

This particular version of filament tape is a bit more expensive than the regular variety, but it’s a great choice if you want to make sure your product is more secure during shipping.

Is filament tape better than duct tape?

This is a difficult question to answer without knowing exactly what you'll be using the tape for. Duct tape is great and you should always have some at the ready in your home or office, but it's not going to work as well as filament or strapping tape in many instances.

These two types of tape, while both extremely versatile and useful, are very different from each other and are used for completely different purposes. Depending on the job you're performing on any given day, either duct tape or filament tape might be the right choice.

We recommend keeping a supply of both duct tape and filament tape on hand because you never know when one or both of them might come in handy.

Is filament tape good on cardboard?

While there are many different types of tape you can use to secure cardboard boxes, filament tape is certainly one of them. So there's really no need to go out and buy a bunch of different types of tape for this particular function.

If you have strapping tapes and a little duct tape lying around, that's more than enough to secure your cardboard boxes in advance of a move.

How much does filament tape cost?

Filament tapes come in different styles, tensile strength, and sizes, but these heavy-duty tapes are usually not going to cost you more than a few dollars a roll.

Of course, they can be higher than that if you're looking for the two-way variety or tapes that have other specific features, but filament tapes are generally not all that expensive.

And if you think you're going to be using a lot of it, consider buying it in bulk to get a better deal on these popular strapping tapes.

Filament strapping tape is great for so many applications, there's really no reason not to have this on hand for all sorts of different tape strapping needs.

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