White Console Tape
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Full Case White Console Tape


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Our Gaff Tapes Console tape comes in 1/2 inch and 1 inch rolls and is sold by the case. Console tape is also known as board tape and used by audio professionals to mark different settings on soundboards and other equipment. Our console tape have an adhesive property that removes freely, no residue. Shipping is FREE


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Tape conforms well and will adhere to a multitude of surfaces. Tape is great for marking with any type of markers and holds well with a nice adhesive strength. Use it for marking gear, soundboards, or mixer inputs. Clean removal, no residue. 

1/2 Inch = 72 Rolls  / 3.95 a roll (40% cheaper than ULINE, B&H  or AMAZON)

1 Inch = 48 Rolls  / 5.92 a roll (40% cheaper than ULINE, B&H or AMAZON)


Specifications: 60 Yard Roll 

5.8 MIL - Available in White 1/2 inch or 1 inch

Adhesion 30 oz

Tensile 30 lbs

Elongation 3.5%

3" Neutral Paper Core  


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