Camouflage Cloth Duct Tape Full Cases

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1" contains 48 Rolls x 60 Yards

2" contains 24 Rolls x 60 Yards

3" contains 16 Rolls x 60 Yards

4" contains 12 Rolls x 60 Yards


11.8 mil

80 mesh

Peel adhesion: 35 oz/in.

Roll unwind: 32 oz/in. Tensile: 36 lb/in.

Elongation: 11.5% Operating

temperature range: 23°F to 95°F.

Heat resistance: 176°F. (3 hours max).

Camouflage Cloth Duct Tape Full Cases

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Multi colored camouflauge tape is great to use for hunters, military, or where blending of camo is needed. Olive, tan, black coloring, this cloth duct tape will adhere to most surfaces and has an excellent adhesive hold. Full Cases available only.

  • Camoflauge
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1"x60yd (48rls/case)
2"x60yd (24rls/case)
3"x60yd (16rls/case)
4"x60yd (12rls/case)