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Duct Tape The classic Duct Tape. Used in more repairs than any other tool in history. Available everywhere, but we here at Gaffers Tape sell the highest quality duct tape at the best wholesale prices online. Since there will always be a need for duct tape in the future, we sell duct tape by the case. Available in black, classic silver, and camo, we have everything to cover your duct tape needs. Our duct tape is true industrial grade strength and made of a natural rubber adhesive. Available in sizes ranging from 1 to 4 inches in width. Choose between premium grade and contractor grade to purchase the right tape for whatever your project may be. Use our duct tape for every day repairs to bundle, seal, patch, weatherproof, and conduct HVAC repairs. Purchase by the case to save big, and of course, get free shipping on every case.

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Duct tape is one of the most versatile tape products on the market today and has been for several generations in the United States and around the world.

But while most think of duct tape as the traditional gray color tape that you can find in stock at any department or online store, color duct tape has become much more popular in recent years.

It's just as strong and as versatile as all other duct tapes, just in different types of colors and varieties. Colors of duct tape today include blue, yellow, orange, red, and many other bright colors that are almost always in stock and available.

So no matter your project, if you think you want to use duck tape in colors ranging from the traditional grays and blacks to brighter and livelier ones, grab your color-coding tools and get to work!

Color duct tape, which is often confused with the duck brand of products, can be used for any job or project that duck tape has always been used for. But the different colors of duck tape products that are now available simply add to what you can do with America's favorite type of tape products.

Color duct tape, like the original, is waterproof and is known for great tensile strength, qualities that make it extremely popular in households and workplaces around the United States.

Duct tape colored products are always good to have stashed away in your junk drawer, in your toolbox, or in a desk at your workplace. You never know when a roll of duck tape is going to be needed, so it's always good to have a roll or two handies at all times.

Duct tapes can usually be found in stock at any large department store, or on online sites like the one you've visited today. They are very popular items due to their versatility, their reasonably low price, and makeup that provides a lot of tensile strength for almost any job.

You do want to be aware, however, that duck tape is extremely adhesive. And, while this is one of the tape's main benefits, it does often leave an adhesive residue behind.

So if you're working in an environment where that's not an ideal situation, you may want to consider gaffer's tape or a similar product instead.

Duck brand products are similar to duct tape. In fact, these low prices in-stock items are just a specific brand of duct tape that's marketed with a clever name sure to roll off of most people's tongues.

What colors does duct tape come in?

Whatever your favorite color is, chances are good that you can find a product in stock to fit your needs. You can find duct tape in colors and varieties these days that are so varied it would be hard to choose a color that you couldn't find in stock at your favorite online retailer.

And you should be able to find them at a price low enough that it's affordable for just about anyone, as duck tape products don't usually come with a high price tag.

So no matter what color or what price duck tape you're looking for, you should be able to find it in stock and at a price low enough to meet your needs.

What are the advantages of using colored duct tape over the traditional kind?

There really are no additional advantages, but there aren't any disadvantages either. No matter the color of your duck tape, it all serves the same purpose and comes with the same qualities as versatility, strength, ability to stand up to the pressures of water and heat, and many more.

Color duck tape could possibly come with a little more of a high price tag compared to traditional gray duck tape, but it's not going to be so much that it will make it cost inhibitive to purchase for your home or work project.

So look over the stock of duck tape at your favorite online retailer, like the website you're on today, and see what color and style of duck tape is best for you and your specific needs.

And if it's not in stock, whatever type of tape you need can almost certainly be ordered and on hand within a matter of days. So shop and choose wisely, but always do your best to keep a little duck tape on hand for any occasion for which it may be needed and warranted.

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