Cheap Gaffers Tape


cheap gaffers tape pictureBe sure to checkout our cheap gaffers tape section where you'll find discounted low priced gaff tape on sale. Our specially priced cheap gaffer tape is used by churches, AV companies, production sets, event planners, and photography professionals.   


 cheap gaffers tape


 Cheap Gaffer Tape Pricing 

Name of Company Size Mil Adhesion  Tensile Strength Free Shipping? Final Price
Gaff Tapes 60 yds 12 50 oz 42 lbs Yes 10.72 a roll + Free Shipping Cheapest Gaffer Tape
Home Depot 55 yds 12 Unk 48 lbs Yes 21.61 a roll
BH Photo & Video 55 yds 11.8 29 oz 36 lbs No 16.98 + Shipping 
Walmart 55 yds Unk Unk Unk No 14.90 + Shipping 
Film Tools 55 yds 11.5 80 oz 48 lbs No 17.80 + 5-8.00 Shipping
ULINE  55yds 11 25 oz 45 lbs No 23.00 per Roll + Shipping









Cheap Gaffers Tape

Our discounted tapes are due to an overstockage in our warehouse. We discount our tape products to ensure we move our stocks and rotate our old stock. Our products are defect free and normally sold by the case or by the half case. The amount of money you could save by purchasing a half case or full case of tape could be great for a expendable product like tape. Cheap gaffers tape does not imply that it is cheaply made. The same quality in a premium grade tape is what you get with our second and third line tape products. The tensile strength and mil grade carries the same standards as any tape regardless of the discount.


We ship our tape in the same standards we would ship all of our products. We ship via UPS and our packages can be shipped overnight and also 1-2 day ground. We ship cheap discounted gaffers tape normally the same day as our orders are received. Because of the level of volume we purchase that is what allows us to discount our tape and sell it at a discounted wholesale price.   

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