Colored Gaffers Tape - 11 Colors


Multiple Colored Gaffers Tape


Uses for colored gaffers tape include trying to match a floor, exhibit, or background on a production set or at a trade show.

Gaff tapes stocks a wide array of tape to include multiple colors and sizes. We can provide our customer with a swatch card which shows the exact color of our tape. If you need a sample of any of our 11 colored gaffer tapes we will be happy to send you one at no cost. Our specification sheet also shows the different varieties of colors we stock. Our tape is made with a small coating of PE over the cloth and is primarily made using a natural rubber adhesive. Our colors do not fade in weather, lighting, or use over time. Our colors are sure to fit your needs for any purpose and matching is easy. 

colored gaffers tape swatch card


Where to buy colored gaffers tape?

We do offer 11 different colors on along with 4 sizes. You can order half cases or full cases for any of our eleven popular colors. Our website allows visitors to choose different colors and sizes. You will find navigation to be simple and easy. Our lead time on colored gaffers tape is typically 1 day handling and 2-3 days UPS ground. The great thing about is we are competitively priced and do not charge any extra on colored gaffers tape. We have noticed a large increase in folks looking where to buy colored gaffers tape and makes shopping easy and simple. We do support our customers very well while also offering the best prices around.


Looking for Good deals on adhesive products? Look no further than  - For nearly 20 years we have been supporting the gaffer. It is our goal to ensure our customers get the best quality products for a fraction of the cost. We understand business is competitive, we offer the best pricing on colored gaffers tape on the internet. 

Full cases of multiple colored gaffers tape please visit: Wholesale Gaffers Tape 

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