Stage tape aka Gaffers tape

Gaff Tapes offers great deals on stage tape for film, entertainment, and performing arts industries. You can purchase by the case, half case and even 3 packs of stage tape. Stage tape is also known as Gaffers tape. Our tape is made of a natural rubber adhesive with the core made of cloth along with a small coat of PE on top to protect the tapes core properties. Production professionals use our tape on sets where minimal visibility is desired. Use it to hold down cabling, placement marking, or to hold down equipment.

Tape will not leave any residue and rips easy making our tape the "go to" for gaffers and grip professionals around the world. We strive in producing a quality adhesive product that ensures durability and an affordable tape that brings more value than our competition. Our 60 yard rolls come in sizes 1", 2" , 3" and 4".

Gaff Tapes has been selling stage tape for over 20 years to the Arts & Entertainment industry and continues to support large film making corporations to small indie films on a budget. Our customer service and technician's knowledge set us apart from our competition. We sell pallets, cases, half cases, and 3 packs. Our prices are much cheaper than our competitors but our quality and specifications are equal to or better. For stage tape - many lighting professionals are looking for strong adhesive properties and our Adhesion to steel rating is 50 oz which stands up to our competition nicely. Tensile strength is a rating for how many pounds an inch of tape can withstand - ours comes in at 42 lbs which is plenty of strength to hold just about any equipment or cabling used on production sets. 

Whether you are looking for stage tape, gaffers tape, spike tape, or screen tape, Gaff Tapes continues to offer wholesale pricing to the public in support of lighting professionals worldwide.  





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