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Electrical Tape Electrical tape is one of the most widely used types of tape in professional and home projects. Our Vinyl Electrical tape, also known as PVC Electrical Insulation tape is made of a natural rubber adhesive. Useable for insulation up to 600V, our vinyl electrical tape has excellent adhesive properties and will firmly adhere to cabling and wires. We sell electrical tape in a wide variety of colors to keep you organized and ready for any situation. Our electrical tape has a temperature resistance of up to 176

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While electrical tape can be used in a number of different circumstances around the home and office, it's main uses are related to electrical wiring and phasing tasks that call for this specific type of tape product.

Vinyl electrical tapes are often UL listed and are usually found in black varieties, although not exclusively. In recent years, a whole host of different colors and varieties of electrical tape have flooded the market in the United States.

These colored electrical tapes are used to indicate neutral wires (white or gray), grounding wires (green or yellow), or wires at both ends of a long conduit. But black tape is still used on wires that will be in direct sunlight as it's impervious to ultraviolet radiation that can damage other colors of tape in similar weather conditions.

Electrical tape, sometimes called electricians tape, electric tape, and more, is very different from other tape products, including duct tape and film tape, as it was designed for one specific use. It's been used for several other purposes over the years, but the fact remains that the product was designed for use in the electrical industry.

Electrical tapes are flame retardant and are usually made with PVC backing and a non-corrosive rubber based adhesive. This is what allows it to stretch and conform to many types of cables and wiring.

For long-lasting insulation, this stretching ability is what you're looking for. It allows the electrical tape to wrap tightly around the cables, turning it into a sort of insulating tape.

Other types of tape products don't possess this quality, meaning they're not going to give you the kind of insulation you need when working with tapes, electrical cables, and wiring.

Duct tapes, for example, are great products to have around the home and office as they're good for a host of different jobs and projects. But you wouldn't want to substitute duct tape for insulating wiring as it's susceptible to catching fire in certain instances.

So when you're talking about cable insulation, phasing, and splicing jobs, a good vinyl electrical tape is what you're going to want to use to get the job done right the first time. Anything else and you're risking the job and the satisfaction of the client in both the short and the long term.

What are the best electrical tape products?

The answer to this question depends exclusively on the type of job you're working on. There are many different varieties of electrical tape products on the market today and some of the best-sellers have specific uses that make them the right choice.

Electrical tapes come in a wide variety of materials, colors, sizes, and package quantity, so it's best to match the products with the jobs that you'll be performing and then make the best possible choice you can.

Is electrical tape safe?

Yes, vinyl electrical tape is very safe when used in the way in which it was intended.  But there are exceptions to this and every rule.

Using electrical tape to repair minor cord or wire damage is generally acceptable, but you should never use a vinyl electrical tape on cracks or frays that expose bare electrical wires.

But if the cord's been cracked while the inner insulation is still intact, however, then electrical tape products can generally be used as a safe repair option.

Can I use duct tape like electrical tape?

No, under no circumstances should you use duct tape in replace of a good electrical tape!

Duct tape has a number of great uses, some of which we mentioned above. But it's primarily used for packaging and other household needs, while the electrical tape is specifically manufactured to cater to the needs of electricians and other professionals in that industry.

No version of duct tape is fire resistant and is certainly not recommended for use as a substitute for electrical tape products.

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