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Electrical Tape Electrical tape is one of the most widely used types of tape in professional and home projects. Our Vinyl Electrical tape, also known as PVC Electrical Insulation tape is made of a natural rubber adhesive. Useable for insulation up to 600V, our vinyl electrical tape has excellent adhesive properties and will firmly adhere to cabling and wires. We sell electrical tape in a wide variety of colors to keep you organized and ready for any situation. Our electrical tape has a temperature resistance of up to 176° F (80° C), a tensile strength of 18 lbs per inch, as well as a UL branded core. Click the color you need to find more statistics and measurements. Rolls come in 3/4" wide tape and 60 yard rolls with 200 rolls per case. Cases come with free shipping as do all Gaff Tapes products.

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