Vinyl Electrical Insulating Tape

Vinyl Electrical Insulating Tape 200 Rolls


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7 mil (0.178mm) PVC Electrical Insulation Tape, made of a natural rubber adhesive in standard size 3/4. For wire and cable insulation, bundling, primary splice insulation at no more than 600V. Non-flame retardant. 10 rolls per sleeve. 11 /2” (38.1mm) UL branded core. 


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200 rolls per case, separated by a sleeves of 10 3/4 inch rolls.

7 mil (0.178mm)

Adhesion: 18 oz/in.

Dielectric break-down: 8KV.

Tensile: 18 lb/in

Elongation: 200%

Temp. resistance: 176° F (80° C)

Insulation at NO MORE than 600V 

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