Gaff Tape White
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3 Pack White Gaffers Tape

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Our 3 pack Gaff Tape White GT24 Model is made primarily of cloth with a small coat of polyethylene (PE) and comes 12 mil 76 Mesh. Made of a natural Rubber adhesive offering an amazing per inch Tensile Strength of 42 lbs. This product can be purchased by the roll at a minimum 3 depending on the size of the gaffers tape. 



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Competitors Pricing on Gaff Tape White (Example 2 inch x 60 yards)

Uline Gaffers Tape: $23.00 PER 1 Roll plus shipping
Hosa Gaffing Tape: $19.99 PER 1 Roll plus shipping
General Brand B&H Photo: $19.95 PER 1 Roll plus shipping
Tape Jungle: $13.70 1 Roll plus shipping 
3M Gaffers Tape: $22.00 PER 1 Roll plus shipping 
Gaffer Power Amazon: $16.98 Per 1 Roll - 30 Yards Only   

No competitors offers free shipping, expect to pay between $11-14.00 additional on 1-3 Roll orders 

Gaff Tapes: $15.98 Per 1 Roll  - Free Shipping 

Want to Save More? Hows $10.93 a roll when you buy by the case. Visit our Full Cases White Gaffers Tape

A Case too much? Try a Half Case from $13.12 a Roll. Visit Our Half Cases Page  

Gaff Tapes GT 24 Gaff Tape White Specifications 

Adhesion: 50 ounces 
Tensile strength: 42 pounds
Thickness: 12 MIL        
Average Lifespan: 1  Year (If Stored properly, recommended temperature of 80 degrees and below away from direct sunlight) 
Please contact us with any questions regarding our GT 24 Gaffers Tape.
Gaff Tape White

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