Painter's Tape - A How to Use Guide
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Painter's Tape - A How to Use Guide 

Slow and steady wins the race, and this mantra will also prevent extra work when doing a paint job in your home or office. This patience combined with the proper knowledge of how to use painters tape will keep your next painting project running smoothly.

Even if you use the best paint and the best brushes known to man, for example, that won’t help if you don’t properly mask the surfaces that you don’t want painted. If you don’t do so, you certainly won’t get the professional looking results you want.

This can be addressed by using painter’s tape along the edges of the walls and ceilings, as well as around trim and molding. This will allow you to keep sharp paint lines, as well as protect surfaces from unwanted drips and splatters.

Painter’s tape has many other advantages as well. Compared to traditional masking tape, it’s more effective at reducing paint bleed and is easier to remove without marring the surface underneath. It’s also more flexible than masking tape and doesn’t bubble up when applied.

When completing a job, air bubbles can allow paint to seep underneath and ruin your work. But painter’s tape stays adhered to where it’s supposed to be and leaves a clean paint line between surfaces.

By contrast, masking tape, while also leaving clean lines, isn’t as reliable as painter’s tape. It can often pucker up when using latex paints, which allows paint to seep under. Masking tape can also leave a sticky residue if left on for too long, so it must be removed as soon as possible.

Painter’s tape comes in a variety of widths and lengths and is made for special applications on particular surfaces. There are also many different painters tape colors to choose from. So before starting your next paint project, just make sure you choose the appropriate tape for the job.

The tape’s adhesion level is important, with some some tapes being better for carpeted surfaces and others better for wood.

Painter’s tape can also be used for decorative painting techniques, such as painting stripes and many others.

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