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Colored Gaffers Tape

Multicolor Gaffers Tape and their usage

Gaffers tape is a highly tensile pressure-sensitive tape used by photographers, entertainment industry and events organization company mainly because of its strong adhesive properties. Its 
strength can be compared to a cloth and it sticks on to surfaces quite well. The lighting technician (also known as a Gaffer) in the motion picture industry makes use of the gaffers tape to secure cables for safety or to conceal th

Although it may seem simple, there are certainly some dos and don’ts when it comes to removing painter’s tape. Knowing when to remove painter’s tape ensures there are no mistakes which lead to unwanted paint marks that require time and effort to fix.

Painter's Tape Vs Masking Tape

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While they seem similar, there are important differences between painter's tape and masking tape. Our guide will help you select the right tape for the job.

Types of Tapes - A Guide

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Not sure what types of tape are needed for your next project? Our guide will let you know which kinds of tape you'll need on hand for whatever your next task may be.

Gaffer Tape vs Duct Tape

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Uses for these products include tying or binding things together, such as wires and cables, and fixing anything that is broken down and needs to be mended.But it’s important to note the different uses for gaffer tape vs duct tape and there are actually many differences between them. One is good in some situations, while the other is preferable in others.
Slow and steady wins the race, and this mantra will also prevent extra work when doing a paint job in your home or office. This patience combined with the proper knowledge of how to use painters tape will keep your next painting project running smoothly.
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