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Gaffers Tape Gaffers tape is a crucial tool for photographers, film production crews in television and film, concerts, and other live shows. Whatever size or color you need, we have you covered. Our gaffers tape is made of a natural rubber adhesive, will hold firmly in place, and will not leave any residue behind when removed. Available in full or half cases, Gaff Tapes is sure to save you money on expendables. We have gaffers Tape in a wide variety of colors and has a heavy tensile strength of 42 pounds per square inch and an industrial grade 12.0 76 mesh. Available sizes range from 3/4" to 4" and comes in 60 yard rolls. Check out our reviews for each different color of tape and see our satisfied customers. Always low wholesale pricing, fast shipping, and a quality adhesive gaffers tape you can trust!

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Gaffers tape is widely used in the world of television and film production, as well as in theater houses throughout the United States and in many other places around the world.

The tape is named after the chief lighting technicians on film crews, who are commonly referred to in the industry as gaffers.

This type of tape has been used in the industry since the 1950s and is utilized in many different ways, but its most common usage is securing cables to the floor during the production of plays, television shows, and movies.

Gaffers tape is often confused with duct tape, but it has many differences that individuals in the industry are more than aware of and prefer. This includes materials (gaffers tape is fabric rather than vinyl), the fact that gaffers tape is much more resistant to heat, and that it is more easily removed after use.

Gaffers tape is more expensive than duct tape as it's marketed almost exclusively for professional use, while most homeowners in the United States regularly have a roll or two of duct tape sitting around in their homes and/or offices.

Gaffers tape is manufactured in many different colors, but the most common color is black as the matte finish keeps the tape from reflecting light. The matte finish also allows it to blend in with a typical stage floor, making it an ideal cloth tape for theater productions.

While these types of tape products are known for their strength, they can also be easily torn by hand when desired, in order to meet the specific needs of production crews. And gaffer tape typically leaves no residue behind, so it can be applied and removed quickly when fast-moving schedules are the norm.

Also referred to by some as gaffer's tape, gaffer tape and gaff tape, this type of product also comes in a narrower version that's known as spike tape and is also used in theater productions for floor layout.

What is special about gaffer tape?

As its main uses revolve around the performing arts, gaffers tape is manufactured with those specific needs in mind.

While it's often confused with duct tape, gaff tape is preferred by professionals in the theater and film industries because it features a clean removal without leaving behind any sticky residue. Gaffer tape also doesn't reflect light, which is especially important to producers and directors.

Is gaffers tape stronger than duct tape?

While both types of tape products will certainly give you more strength than regular paper or vinyl tapes, gaffers tape is stronger because it is a true cotton cloth, with its strength created from a tight weave of cotton fibers.

Duct tape, on the other hand, is merely a vinyl tape that's been reinforced. It's not really a true cloth tape, meaning gaff tape is going to be stronger and much more reliable for professional use.

While gaffer tape gives users a lot of strength and holding power, the adhesive is not so strong that it will damage the cables or other surfaces that it's attached to. Duct tape, meanwhile, can work for holding cables in place but it features a much more aggressive adhesive that can damage the surface when it's removed.

What are the main differences between duct tape and gaffers tape?

It's important to remember that duct tape and gaffer tape were designed for entirely different purposes and using the wrong type of tape can often lead to results that you're simply not going to be happy with.

We've discussed some of the differences above, but let's go a little more in-depth on this topic.

First, let's go over some of the jobs that are perfect for using duct tape. These are primarily jobs you can do around the home or office, as fathers have been telling sons for generations how important it is to have a roll of duct tape available at all times.

You'll want to use duct tape, for instance, when sealing leaks, making repairs around the house, or even for bundling materials and boxes together.

Duct tape is waterproof and is rubber-based, so it can easily adhere to many surfaces. But it is going to leave an adhesive residue behind, as we discussed earlier in this writeup.

Now, what makes gaffers tape the right choice in several other circumstances? Well, gaffer tape is made for professional use in mind and the tape is more expensive for that reason.

Gaff tapes are the perfect choice for many jobs due to their design features, which include:

  • Prevents light reflection due to its matte finish
  • Can be removed with no adhesive residue
  • Is less aggressive than duct tape
  • Is moisture resistant, BUT NOT WATERPROOF


That last point is important to remember as, though gaffers tape can repel some moisture and is fine to use in humid environments, it's not waterproof like duct tape is. So if you're going to be in an area where you and your equipment could be getting wet, you'll want to keep this in mind.

What items can gaffers tape be affixed to?

Gaffers tape is the ideal choice for the arts and entertainment industries because it can easily be removed from several different types of surfaces and items.

This includes cables and stage floors, as already discussed. But gaffers tape can also be applied to and removed from carpets, microphone stands, and other surfaces without leaving behind any adhesive residue.

So if you're in the entertainment industry and you need a good reliable cloth tape that can be utilized professionally and reliably in nearly all circumstances (remember the waterproof limitations mentioned above), then a good gaffer tape is almost always your best choice.

Buy a few rolls of gaff tapes and keep them on hand at all times when you're at work. You never know when they’ll be needed, but you'll certainly be glad a roll or two is readily accessible when you do. 

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