White Gaffer Tape by the Case
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White Gaffers Tape by the Case

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Gaff Tapes GT 24 white gaffers tape comes in four different sizes with an amazing tensile strength of 42 lbs per inch. This tape is of industrial grade 12.0 76 mesh with a low white gloss finish. The tape is made using a natural rubber adhesive that will not leave any residue.

By The Case

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White Gaffers Tape

This tape is also non reflective made with the highest quality rubber adhesive material. Depending on the size that’s right for you; this white gaff tape is priced for wholesale and is shipped by the case only. White gaffers tape can be used on production sets, studios, sporting events, and for other entertainment sets. When trusting a wholesale tape company, think Gaff Tapes.com! White Gaffers Tape Wholesale Discount Pricing. 

3/4"x 60yd (72rls/case) @ 3.64 a roll Free Shipping 

1"x 60yd (48rls/case) @ 5.46 a roll Free Shipping 

2"x 60yd (24rls/case)  @10.93 a roll Free Shipping

3"x 60yd (16rls/case) @ 16.40 a roll Free Shipping

4"x 60yd (12rls/case) @ 21.87 a roll Free Shipping 

White Gaff Tape Specifications

Adhesion: 50oz 

Tensile strength: 42lbs

Thickness/MIL: 12 mils        

Average Lifespan: 12 Months (If Stored properly, recommended temperature of 80 degrees and below away from direct sunlight) 

Please contact us with any questions regarding our GT 24 White Gaffers Tape.



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