Bi Directional Filament Tape

Bi Directional Filament Tape


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Bi Directional Filament tape can be used to secure equipment on pallets or tent poles for events like weddings, concerts, and events. This tape is a pressure sensitive tape that is fiberglass reinforced and will hold the toughest materials. Hexayurt Proven and Tested 

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Bi directional filament tape specifications:  

Adhesion to Steel: 90 oz

Elongation: 6% 

Tensile: Both Directions 155 lbs 

Sizes: 2" - 12" x 60 Yard rolls 

Material: Clear Synthetic Rubber Adhesive Fiberglass reinforced polypropylene

Hexayurt Proven and Tested

Competition Specs:

Gaff Tapes GT42 6" 60 Yards 34.50 a roll Adhesion 90oz - Free Shipping 

Cantech #190 6" 60 Yards 43-49.00 Adhesion 100oz + Shipping

SICAD #FG-BD 6 x 60 Yards 42.95 a roll Adhesion 90 oz + Shipping

3M #8959 6" x 60 Yards 52.90 a roll Adhesion 100 oz + Shipping 

JVCC: 6"x60 Yards 36.89 a roll  Adhesion 90 oz + Shipping

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