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Safety Tape  Safety and Warning tapes are used to mark hazards in the workplace, for the public, or around construction sites. Whatever safety situation you may have, Gaff Tapes has you covered. We carry black and yellow striped, red and white striped, barricade warning, and skid or grit tapes. We sell safety tape in duct tape and vinyl tape form. Great for marking off hazardous areas such as staircases, exposed wires, and dangerous electrical wire areas. Both our Duct tape and Vinyl safety tapes are perfect for warehouses, construction sites, airports, anywhere dangerous areas need to be sectioned off. Our Hazard striped duct tape is Polyethylene-coated and our Vinyl striped tape is made of a soft PVC vinyl material. Both kinds of tape are available in 1" to 4" in size and are OSHA compliant. Click either Duct tape or Vinyl tape to see more statistics. Always free shipping on all safety tape cases.

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