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Safety tapes are very popular in American workplaces, used in most instances to keep employees and customers safe during times of emergency or crisis.

Reflective safety tape is used to mark walkways, highlight potential hazards, and help people find their way out of buildings during blackouts or other types of emergencies.

Reflective tape comes in many different colors, patterns, and sizes, some adhesive, and some non-adhesive, but these products are all designed to highlight walkways and make things easier for people in difficult times. So whether it's safety tape for floors, windows, or something else entirely, safety tapes are always good to have around in the workplace.

It's even been used in several TV shows over the years, one of the most recent being Sheldon Cooper in the popular situation comedy "The Big Bang Theory" lining his apartment with safety tape to show the quickest escape route during an emergency.

But neurotic television personalities addicted to video games not withstanding, using safety reflective tape could also help you with your insurance costs. At the very least, it could be worth having a conversation with your insurance agent regarding the issue.

There are several different types of adhesive and non-adhesive tape products that would fall into the "safety tape" category, all used in different situations but each one designed with the overall safety of your employees and customers in mind.

Here are a few of the more popular types of safety tape items available in the United States today.

Glow In The Dark Tapes

This color-coding tape is the type discussed above, which allows people to find their way out of a building during a power outage or other type of emergency. These are some of the best-sellers when it comes to tapes and tape products.

These products work by absorbing energy while the lights are on and then emitting that energy out when it's dark. This tape works great in areas that normally get a lot of light but isn't going to serve your best interests in areas that are poorly lit, as it won't be able to charge properly.

Hazard Marking Tapes

This type of safety tape is designed to call out hazards of a number of different varieties. These include dangerous chemicals, high noise levels, dangerous traffic, and a number of other situations that require the presence of caution tape.

As you can imagine due to its name and purpose, this type of tape generally comes in bright colors that are sure to get your attention when walking into potentially dangerous situations. It may even be more than one color at a time, designed to draw you in and make you fully aware of your presence in a less than safe area of the building.

Traction Tapes

Different than the reflective tape safety items mentioned above, traction tape is designed to prevent injury due to slippery or unsafe conditions in the workplace.

It comes in a variety of colors, but it's not fluorescent or bright in most instances. It's not really meant to get your attention, but rather to keep you safe under ordinary conditions that you may not be aware could be a danger.

Some uses for traction tape include entryways that may get wet, in locker rooms and/or showers, and in areas that are located near drains or that are known to collect water.

A lot of businesses also use traction tape on stairways to avoid slippage during the workday.

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