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Spike Tape  Spike tape is used by theaters and different venues for marking placements. Keeping actors and performers in the correct position for the camera is critical. Use our spike tape for concerts, theatrical events, sporting events, and musicals. Our spike tape is made of high quality adhesive and will conform to most surfaces. The tape has been tested on high traffic areas and is professional grade. Our spike tape comes in fluorescent green, which is a very popular color in the entertainment industry as it stands out on any surface. Available only by the case and comes in 1/2" wide tape and 45 yard long rolls with 24 rolls per case. Spike tape cases always come with free shipping, order now to be sure you are well stocked for future projects.

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Spike tape, or spiking tape, is used extensively in the world of the theater to help actors and actresses during different types of performances.

It's similar to gaffers tape in that it uses a synthetic rubber adhesive that can be easily removed from the stage and moved to different areas in advance of more scenes.

It leaves no residue behind and can quickly be torn by hand as needed, which comes in extremely handy during the often fast-moving theater scene, as well as in television and movie production.

But while this is the primary use of spike tape, it can also come in handy for bundling, labeling, decorating, and for many other jobs that tape products are usually used for.

Spike tape comes in fluorescent colors so that it can easily be found at a moment's notice and often under less than ideal lighting situations. This not only makes it visible during actual performances, but it can also be seen effortlessly by stage crews while moving set pieces around in the dark.

Sometimes referred to as glow tape for stage performances, spike tape is extremely durable and flexible and can easily be attached to and removed from the stage quickly and smoothly. It's known to be nearly three times as strong as regular gaffers tape and duct tape.

Spike tape has been around for a very long time but has obviously seen several product improvements over the years. For instance, colors like fluorescent green and fluorescent blue have come about in the last few decades, as well as advancements like a matte finish, cloth spike tape, color coding, bigger roll size, and many other product advancements.

Why is it called spike tape?

The name of this particular type of tape product dates all the way back to the early days of the theater, really to the times of William Shakespeare and his famous Globe Theatre productions.

Long before the modern matte finish, cloth spike tape, or any other similar product came to be, actors worked with what they had. And what they had in the days of Shakespeare was the dirt and very rudimentary tools, at least by modern standards.

Since the actual stage at the Globe Theatre was made of dirt, the director of a given performance would actually put a stage spike into the ground to indicate where he wanted actors to stand during different scenes.

The theater scene has obviously progressed and become more modern over the years, with many different colors of tape now being used to mark the spots where actual spikes were once found.

And that's how these items got their name, from the days of the one and only William Shakespeare.

Where can I buy spike tape?

When it comes to where to buy spike tape, the answer is pretty much the same as with any other tape product - either at your favorite store that sells tape and tape products or online via the wonders of the World Wide Web.

Please enter "spike tape near me" into your favorite browser and then see what options are available for you in your area. Or you can purchase your spike tape, gaffers tape, and any other type of tape here on our site.

These items are not that hard to find if you know where to look. So whether it's dark blue or one of the many fluorescent colors that are currently available, finding the right spike tape or gaffers tape for you shouldn't be all that difficult.

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