Spike Tape

Spike tape is used by theaters and different venues for marking placements. Our spike tape is made by Pro Tapes and is sold by the case only. Keeping actors and performers in the correct position for the camera is critical. Use our spike tape for concerts, theatrical events, sporting events, and musicals. Our spike tape is made of high quality adhesive and will conform to most surfaces. The tape has been tested on high traffic areas and is made of a professional grade spike tape. Our spike tape prices are the cheapest found on the internet.

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Cinta Spyke - Para Marcar Piso, en...

USD145.00 Precio

Cinta Spyke para marcar el piso, en Verde Fluorescente. Principalmente, esta cinta se utiliza en sets de produccion, teatros o eventos musicales, para marcar la posicion en el piso de los Artistas. Rollo de 45 yardas de longitud y 24 rollos por caja.