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Painter's Tape - UV Resistant, 5.2mil Thickness, 60 Yard Rolls


Introducing our high-quality Painter's Tape Full Cases! Whether you're a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast, this tape is the perfect tool to achieve flawless paint lines and protect surfaces.

Our Painter's Tape is designed to adhere securely and remove cleanly, leaving no residue behind. It features excellent UV resistance, allowing it to withstand outdoor environments for up to 2 weeks without losing its adhesion. So, you can confidently paint even in changing weather conditions.

This tape is meticulously edge shrink wrapped, making it ideal for retail sales. Each case contains a variety of sizes, ensuring you have the right width for any project. Here's the breakdown:

  • 1/2" - 72 Rolls
  • 3/4" - 48 Rolls
  • 1" - 36 Rolls
  • 2" - 24 Rolls
  • 3" - 12 Rolls

Our Painter's Tape isn't just about convenience; it also boasts impressive specs:

  • Adhesion - 19.4 Oz
  • Tensile Strength - 27.8 Lbs/In
  • Thickness/MIL - 5.2 Mil
  • Elongation - 10%
  • Maximum Temperature Resistance - 203°F
  • Quick Stick - 17.6 Oz/In

Don't compromise on the quality of your paint job. Get our Painter's Tape Full Cases today and experience the difference!

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