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Camouflage Cloth Duct Tape - Full Cases for Hunting & Military


Looking for a reliable and versatile tape for all your camo needs? Look no further than our Camouflage Cloth Duct Tape, available in full cases, to ensure you have plenty on hand for your next project or adventure.

This multi-colored camo tape is perfect for hunters, military personnel, or any situation where blending into the surroundings is essential. With its olive, tan, and black coloring, our cloth duct tape is designed to blend in with various environments seamlessly.

  • Excellent Adhesive Hold: Our Camouflage Cloth Duct Tape has a strong adhesive that securely sticks to most surfaces, ensuring a reliable hold. You won't have to worry about it peeling off or losing its grip!
  • Durable and Versatile: Made with high-quality materials, our tape offers optimal tensile strength and a thickness of 11.8 Mil, making it robust and resistant to wear and tear. It's perfect for repairing gear, securing equipment, or any other task that requires a reliable tape solution.

Purchasing our Camouflage Cloth Duct Tape by the case is the best way to ensure you have enough for any project. We offer four options: 1" contains 48 Rolls x 25 Yards, 2" includes 24 Rolls x 25 Yards, 3" includes 16 Rolls x 25 Yards, and 4" includes of 12 Rolls x 25 Yards.

Not only does our tape offer exceptional adhesive strength, but it also offers some impressive specs. Its tensile strength of 36 lb/in can withstand substantial force. Its temperature resistance ranges from 23°F to 95°F, allowing it to perform well in various climates. The tape has an operating elongation of 11.5% and a peel adhesion of 35 oz/in, providing flexibility and reliability. When it comes to unwinding, it rolls smoothly thanks to its 32 oz/in roll unwind feature. It can even handle heat resistance up to 176°F for 3 hours.

Don't settle for subpar tape when you can trust our Camouflage Cloth Duct Tape for your camouflage needs. Whether you're planning your next hunt, preparing for a military operation, or simply want a reliable tape for various projects, our tape is the perfect choice. Order your full case today and experience the quality and durability of our Camouflage Cloth Duct Tape!

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