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Fluorescent Blue Spike Tape - 1/2 Inch x 45 Yards - 24 Rolls per Case


Introducing our Fluorescent Blue Spike Tape, the perfect tool for all your stage marking needs! Say goodbye to the hassle of misplaced items and ensure precise placements with this vibrant and durable tape.

This fluorescent blue spike tape comes in rolls of 1/2" by 45 yards, providing ample coverage for your marking requirements. Its eye-catching color stands out on any stage, making it easy to spot and navigate.

Why choose our fluorescent blue spike tape? Here are two key features that set it apart:

  • Strong Adhesion: With an adhesion of 25 Oz, this tape stays firmly in place, even on irregular surfaces. You can trust it to remain positioned for as long as needed.
  • Clean Removal: Say goodbye to sticky residue on your surfaces! Our fluorescent blue spike tape leaves no residue behind, ensuring a clean and professional-looking set.

Not only does this fluorescent blue spike tape excel in performance, but it also offers incredible value. We offer 24 rolls to a case, providing you with a generous supply for all your stage marking projects.

Don't settle for subpar options elsewhere. Our fluorescent blue spike tape is priced at just $6.04 per roll, and we even offer free shipping! Compare that to the average price of similar tapes on other platforms, and you'll see why our quality and affordability are unmatched.

So, whether you're a production manager, a theater enthusiast, or someone who loves organizing spaces, our fluorescent blue spike tape is your go-to solution. Experience the convenience and precision it brings to your projects today!

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