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Fluorescent Green Spike Tape - 1/2 Inch x 45 Yards - 24 Rolls/Case


Introducing our high-quality Fluorescent Green Spike Tape! This must-have tape is perfect for marking placements on stages and ensuring precision in your productions.

With a vibrant fluorescent green color, our spike tape stands out and grabs attention. Its 1/2" width and 45 yards length make it versatile for various applications.

When it comes to adhesion, our spike tape has an impressive 25 Oz strength, guaranteeing a secure hold on various surfaces. The tape is designed to conform well to irregular surfaces, ensuring a professional finish every time. Plus, it leaves no residue, making clean-up a breeze.

Not only is our spike tape durable, but it also offers excellent tensile strength at 25 lbs. You can rely on this tape to withstand the demands of your production without tearing or fraying.

With a temperature resistance range from -31°F to 176°F, our spike tape can handle various environments without losing its adhesive properties. Whether it's a scorching hot stage or a freezing cold venue, our tape will hold strong.

Here are two key features of our Fluorescent Green Spike Tape:

  • Vibrant fluorescent green color for eye-catching placements
  • Durable adhesion and tensile strength for long-lasting use

At only $6.04 per roll and with free shipping, our Fluorescent Green Spike Tape offers both quality and affordability. Don't waste your money on shorter rolls that can't match our 45 yards of tape!

Join countless satisfied customers who have trusted our tape for their production needs. From stage managers to theater enthusiasts, our Fluorescent Green Spike Tape is an essential tool for any production. Get yours today and experience the difference!

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