Gaff Tapes

Green Gaffers Tape - Industrial Grade, High Tensile Strength - Wholesale Pricing


Introducing our high-quality Green Gaffers Tape, now available by the case. Whether you're working on a production set, studio, or sporting event, our wholesale tape is perfect for all your needs.

Designed with an industrial grade 12.0 76 mesh, our green gaffers tape ensures a secure hold and exceptional tensile strength of 42 lbs per inch. You can trust its reliability in even the toughest situations.

  • Easy Application: Our natural rubber adhesive makes it a breeze to apply and remove without leaving any sticky residue.
  • Non-Reflective: With its low gloss finish, our green gaffer tape eliminates the risk of unwanted glares or reflections.

Choose from a variety of sizes that best suit your requirements:

  • 1"x60yd (48rls/case)
  • 2"x60yd (24rls/case)
  • 3"x60yd (16rls/case)
  • 4"x60yd (12rls/case)

At Gaff, we offer wholesale discount pricing exclusively for our green gaffers tape. Our tape is carefully manufactured with the highest quality rubber adhesive material, ensuring exceptional performance every time.

Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or inquiries. Trust Gaff for all your green gaffers tape needs!

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