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Hazard Striped Duct Tape - Full Cases | 11.8 mil, 70 mesh, 35 lbs/in.


Looking for a reliable way to mark hazardous areas? Our Hazard/Striped Duct Tape is just what you need! This polyethylene-coated (PE) cloth tape features eye-catching black and yellow stripes that serve as a safety warning. Whether you need to mark staircases, aisleways, electrical wires, or exposed cords, this tape is perfect for the job.

Made for durability, our Hazard/Striped Duct Tape can withstand tough environments. It's suitable for warehouses, manufacturing operations, convention centers, airports, and other commercial sites.

Why choose our Hazard/Striped Duct Tape?

  • Ensures safety: The black and yellow stripes are universally recognized as a warning sign, instantly alerting people to potential hazards.
  • Durable and versatile: With a thickness of 11.8 mil and a tensile strength of 35 lbs/in, this tape can withstand demanding conditions and secure objects in place.

Available in different widths, our Hazard/Striped Duct Tape can meet your specific needs:

  • 1" tape contains 48 rolls x 60 yards
  • 2" tape contains 24 rolls x 60 yards
  • 3" tape contains 16 rolls x 60 yards
  • 4" tape contains 12 rolls x 60 yards

Our Hazard/Striped Duct Tape features a 70 mesh construction and offers a peel adhesion of 29 oz/in. It can withstand temperatures ranging from -31°F to 176°F. Plus, it leaves minimal residue, making cleanup a breeze.

If you're looking for a reliable and easy-to-use tape to mark hazardous areas, our Hazard/Striped Duct Tape is the perfect solution. Don't settle for subpar quality when it comes to safety. Order your supplies today!

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