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Silver Gaffers Tape - Heavy-Duty, Wholesale Silver Tape | 42lb Tensile Strength


Looking for high-quality silver gaffers tape? Look no further! Our silver gaffers tape is perfect for all your taping needs. Whether you're working on a small studio set, production studios, or organizing sporting or concert events, our silver gaffers tape delivers outstanding performance.

Why choose our silver gaffers tape? Here are a couple of key features:

  • Heavy-duty tensile strength: Our silver gaffers tape boasts an impressive tensile strength of 42 pounds per inch. It's built to handle tough jobs and provide reliable adhesion.
  • Non-reflective and low silver gloss finish: Our tape won't cause annoying glares or distract from your project. It blends seamlessly into the background, ensuring a professional look every time.

We offer wholesale pricing and ship by the case only, making it easy to stock up on the quantities you need. Choose from these sizes:

  • 3/4"x60yd (64rls/case)
  • 1"x60yd (48rls/case)
  • 2"x60yd (24rls/case)
  • 3"x60yd (16rls/case)
  • 4"x60yd (12rls/case)

Manufactured using an industrial grade material with 76 mesh, our silver gaffers tape is engineered to meet professional standards. It features a natural rubber adhesive that leaves no residue behind.

With an adhesion of 50 Oz and a thickness of 12 Mils, you can trust our silver gaffers tape to get the job done right.

Don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions. We're here to help!

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